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Flying Tinsel – How to

Learn how to make a loop of tinsel float and glide around using static electricity! Students use recyclable materials to assemble a wand and then rub it with foam covered with fabric. Rubbing a cloth, such as silk, on the plastic tube causes an electrical charge separation. Some electrons are pulled off one material and transferred to the other material. If the rubbed plastic tube has excess electrons then when the tinsel, having a metallic coating, touches the rubbed area some excess electrons move to and travel along the tinsel. Since the tinsel and tube now both have the same excess (negative) charge the tinsel is repelled away from the tube. The extra electrons on the metal tinsel surface move apart due to being equally repelling, forcing the tinsel to take on a looped shape.


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1000 Wins

Adding 3-digit numbers gets easier with this easy-to-learn and fun-to-play card game.

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Evolution by Natural Selection

Simulate evolution with some colorful “critters” and carnivorous “beaky birds”. Simulations are helpful to demonstrate processes like evolution that take place over many years. Observe how adaptations such as camouflage help organisms survive and pass on traits to offspring. Recognize evolution happening simultaneously in both the predator and prey (bird and critter) populations.

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Commutative Cookies

Demonstrate the commutative property of multiplication by arranging the same number of “chocolate chips” on two different batches of “cookies”.

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Use this simplified technique to create artifacts for social studies units as well as greeting cards, picture frames, bookmarks, and other decorative projects.

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Grapes of Math!

Locate the most values satisfying two mathematical conditions in a Venn Diagram scenario to gain a reward “grape”. The player with the most grapes wins!

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Price a Piece of Pizza!

Once the price of a whole pizza is known, find the price of a fractional slice of the same pizza. Add extra toppings for an additional fee!

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Ample Samples

Get a statistical snapshot of a population using simplified versions of the random, systematic, and stratified sampling techniques commonly used by researchers around the world!

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Photosynthesis Review Books

Create personalized mini-books to review and see photosynthesis in a new light!

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Designing Design Challenges

A design challenge involves teams of students working on a task with limited time and materials. In the process, students learn to brainstorm, to work toward a shared goal, to persist by learning and redesigning based on earlier attempts, and to take on the various team roles involved in accomplishing a task as a group.

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