Sherman Oaks Makerspace Proposal


Provide Sherman Oaks with a functional makerspace that supports hand-on education across all ages. Create opportunities for the community to create the space to facilitate a learning, ownership, personal investment and long term sustainability. Create a space that is flexible and improvable as the Sherman Oaks community grows and evolves the space.


The Proposal

Given the incredible size of the space and its beautiful but challenging round shape we want to create a truly modular space. A space that can adapt to any teacher and any class’s needs. Everything is on wheels and can be re-arranged to meet the needs of the students on the fly. To break the room into smaller sections for class work or small group work, we’ve designed the rolling whiteboards at a height similar to temporary walls. They can be used not just to brainstorm and collect ideas, but to create smaller spaces and encourage focus.

Additionally, there is a beautiful outdoor space with sinks and wet-working space. To potentially utilize this outdoor space, everything is designed with a max depth of 32 inches, allowing every part of the maker space to roll outside if needed.

We recommend a french cleat system because of its expandability and flexibility.This system can be adapted to hold all kinds of things ranging from tools, to cookware, and an abundance of upcycled supplies from RAFT. Each whiteboard is backed with french cleats, and we also recommend at least one dedicated tool-wall.

Lastly, we understand that Sherman Oaks serves a wide range of ages. To serve the communities youngest we have included 4 lowered height rolling tables in this proposal.


Visual Overview


Items to Create

Rolling Storage:

Given the modular nature of the space being created, we’ve designed modular storage to match.  Each shelf and be removed so that object of all different heights can be stored. Seen below are two versions. One (left) is simpler to build and easier for kids to see how it was made. The other (right) is slightly stronger and also have panel storage included. The current budget proposal only includes the design on the left. Changing all 5 shelves to the design on the right would add $500 to the overall budget.

Rolling Tables:

Tables need to support work both inside and outside of the maker space. Mounting them on heavy-duty total locking casters will allow them to travel in and out the space freely, while also giving them the ability to be extremely stable when they need to be stable for student and teacher work. We have designed the tables at a sitting height (30” and 24”) but would love to discuss making them standing height (34” and 28”) tables. Sitting can be better for longer engagements, while standing create a more active space. Another interesting compromise would be to build them at standing height and stock the space with tall stools that would allow people to sit comfortably at the higher tables.

Rolling White Boards and Tool Walls:

Designed to both delineate space and be as functional as possible. They can be nested into each other and take up less space. They can be used to demarcate space and break the space into bigger or smaller chunks as students and teachers need. They are both designed with a french cleat system to maximize the amount of tool and supply storage available to the school.


Community involvement:

We propose a weekend event starting at 10am running till 4pm. Parents and students who come in the morning will be trained on power tool use and safety (primarily drills). From there we break out into teams and each team takes one the building of different projects. Pieces are mostly pre-cut and ready for assembly. Blueprints and guidance are provided by us. We will also engage kids, parents and faculty whenever they have their own idea for how to improve the space or the building process. Additionally, we will set up a free registration event that will allow us to place the event under our own insurance envelope and allow us to get waivers for tool use signed by parents.

Available dates for community co-creation event: UPDATED 2/6/2017

February 19, 20, 25
March 19, 25
April 8,9, 15,16

Alternate Option

If we cannot organize a community build our staff can create and deliver the proposed elements for $700. We do not recommend this as the co-creation of the space facilitates a deep sense of both ownership and pride in the students, parents, parents and other school community members who participate.

Bill of Materials:

Project quantity
Tall Table 10
Small Table 4
Shelf 6
White Board Tool Wall 6
Dedicated Tool Wall 1
Item Price Quantity 10% buffer total
1/2ply 17.25 7 8 138.00
5/8ply 20.67 20 22 454.74
3/4ply 31.98 3 4 127.92
2×4 2.63 180 198 520.74
caster 8.5 108 119 1,011.50
2.5 screw 29.98 6 7 209.86
1.625 screw 29.98 1 2 59.96
1.5 Lag Screw 0.25 432 476 119.00
panel board 14.22 6 7 99.54
Uhaul 150 1 1 150.00
Tax Rate 9.50%
Sum total W/Tax –> $3,165.93